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Chic Freak

A while back my friend Fiona Hermansson asked me to come and photograph some of the customers for a shop she was working with. The shop on the Portobello Road is an Aladdin's cave with clothes from some of the most exciting figures in the fashion world. Their customers and friends are encouraged to drop in and hang out and the brief for the shoot? Studio 54 meets back stage at the Theater. My take on it was to create 5 characters to represent the shop  Check out their website for more info about the shop and their ideology.
 Malgosia Stepnik - Artist
 Alana Malvidor - new mother
 Leila Hermansson - charity worker

Rachael Raine - student
Hair: Pshemko Sierek
Make up: Tam East-Rigby
Styling: Fiona Hermansson