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Rebel Bingo story in Disappear Here magazine

Rebel Bingo as it appeared in Disappear Here magazine written by Dan Jude
Editor: David Whitehouse
Art Director: Stuart Tolley
Staff Writer: Dan Jude

Disappear Here magazine, Rebel Bingo photographs

Freddy Sorenson and James Golden

Lucrezia and Chiquita of Femme Ferale

James Golden

Frisky and Mannish

Rebel Bingo at secret locations around London weekly. Read the story in Disappear Here magazine.


Still the Club

Woodpigeon have pulled out

This is the first flier and poster which will have a different landscape picture of mine each month to advertise the bands playing. Design by On Studio and printed on recycled stock we think it should stand out.

A new night (Still) at the Lexington on Pentonville Road. With

Kurran & the Wolfnotes
Check out the bands and get down there on the 5th May.


Simon Phillips out and about

Simon and I took a walk around Tottenham Court Road and took a few pictures along the way.