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John Walker and Son, Odyssey

John Walker & Sons - Odyssey from ART & GRAFT on Vimeo.
A few months ago Art & Graft approached me to do the photography for a new whisky John Walker and Son were launching called Odyssey. Love Creative commissioned Art & Graft after seeing the work Mike (A&G's Creative Director) and I had done together on "24 Hours, Pavey Ark" and "Island/Universe"

This time we were to off to Scotland for 5 days to capture the majesty of the highlands and lowlands using a motion control rig that enabled some of the dynamic backgrounds you see in the final film.  We provided lunch for hundreds of midges while we braved the Scottish weather to collect the footage which would be processed as individual HDR images and graded back at the studios in London. Using a Nikon D800 each frame is a massive 36.3 Mega Pixels. Once we had photographed everything we needed for the film I retreated to patch up my bites while Art & Graft set about creating the Magic. I think they describe that best over on their Blog, Here.

I am really pleased with the final film and the graphics make for a engaging and stunning introduction to the new whisky.


Print Work

Recently I have had the great pleasure of working with some brilliant designers. Over the next few posts I will show the work which they have created and what roll I played in their fabulous print work.

BCMH and the Crafts Council

I have known BCMH through the stylish work my friend Neil Bridge has done with them over the years.  Through the Crafts Council they commissioned me to photograph the designers for the recent Added Value show and to photograph aspects of their working methods. The printed catalogue they produced and the photographs I took for the working methods is reproduced above.

Print Work, Art and Graft, Sam Bebbington and Spectrum

I have worked on various projects with Art & Graft enjoying a long friendship with their founder and Creative Director, Michael Moloney. They recently took on the task of re-branding Spectrum a provider of specialist care services for people with autistic Spectrum Disorders, associated conditions and challenging behaviours.
I had been working with Spectrum on various projects and when asked to organise some of the pictures I had taken of Cornwall for them it was Art & Grafts task to instruct their designer of choice Sam Bebbington at Present Studio to put together the book.  I am very pleased with the way it has been produced and think the simplicity of the design sits beautifully with the images.

Nous Vous and the Canal and River Trust

This is the literature produced for the Canal and River Trust exhibition for which I produced the film below. The red image is also my photographic sketch investigating the repetition of the bollards along the canal. Nous Vous is a small and close-knit collective made up of three practitioners collaborating on graphic design work, illustration, exhibitions and other self-initiated projects.


A short journey investigating the canal

This film was made for an exhibition curated by Nous Vous on behalf of the Canal and River Trust in conjunction with Contemporary Art Society and Arts Council England. The images were taken alone the canal between Islington, Limehouse and up to Hackney Wick. The sound track is made up of sounds recorded from the canal and from interviews with staff at the Canal and River Trust. It was composed by Michael Wildsmith.


New work

I have been very busy working on lots of very interesting projects for the last three months some which I have published below and some which will come out over the next month. The stills here come from a one of those projects with a wonderful man named Jordan McKenzie and our mutual friends at Brickwall films. I can't say much more about it at the moment but there will be a film within the next month.

Bravo Charlie Mike Hotel

Last week I took some pictures for BCMH of the exhibition graphics they designed and installed for Design Junction. It is always a pleasure to work with talented people and BCMH are one of the most succinct and stylish studios out there. The above images are on the homepage for the BCMH website the former two being on a mobile and the latter on a desktop.


Margaret Howell, AW 2012 E-shop

The new season from Margaret Howell is in the shop now and all the images I have shot for the E-shop have gone up. I picked up a lovely Mackintosh yesterday and will be going back for more once I can make my mind up!

Crafts Council, Added Value Exhibition portraits

Last night I went to the opening of the Crafts Council, Added Value exhibition a touring exhibition which launched at Design Junction on New Oxford St. I was recently commissioned to photograph the 8 contributors.  It was a great pleasure to meet and photograph all the contributors, below are the final boards in the exhibiton and the 6 portrait.

 Bompass &Parr
 Oliver Ruuger
 Simon Hasan
 Tracy Kendall
Zoe Arnold


Spectrum Auction.

As I have posted before I have been working with Spectrum who support and promote the rights of people with autistic spectrum disorders and other associated conditions. Next month they are holding an auction... well here is what they have to say about it:

"Saatchi Gallery - 4th July 2012

Welcome to the Spectrum Art Auction. We are really excited about the opportunity to hold a fabulous art auction on the 4th July at the Saatchi Gallery, generously supported by Nigel Hurst, CEO, The Groucho Club and Bernie Katz.
Our aim is to raise £8million for our ambitious plans for the SEA project (Spectrum Education & Arts); an architecturally unique centre of excellence in Cornwall for people with autistic spectrum disorders and their families, as well as carers and professionals.
The centre will have facilities for diagnosis, a specialist education centre, residential and respite accommodation, as well as offer training and advice to parents; specifically centred and tailored to the individual to enable parents and family to engage with their child.
At the heart of the centre will be the access to the arts. Art is a powerful means of expression which can help people find a voice and a means of self-expression. We want to research into the extended benefits that art has on an individual and use art to broaden their cognitive and communication skills.
Spectrum want to extend their sincere gratitude to all of the artists who have generously donated work and to all of those people who have worked tirelessly behind the scenes to make this event a success.
The art auction will be the first in an on-going series of fundraising events to support our ambitious plans for the SEA project.
For more information on our previous local art auctions and art workshops, please visit our website"

Myself and Tom Collinson put together a short film to help illustrate the work being done by spectrum to run alongside their fundraising. This is now online on the micro site for the upcoming auction, Art & Graft have been overseeing the rebranding and also created an amazing animation which you can see at


Avi Lasarow

When asked if I would like to push a business man into a swimming pool I jumped at the chance. So often I find business people wary of any photography which doesn't show them po-faced. Avi is unique both in his business acumen and his willingness to literally throw himself into a photoshoot, above are a few results from the shoot.


Laura Pyper headshot

The charming & beautiful Laura Pyper taken earlier this year for her actors headshot.


A Year in Development

Labyrinth lab at 121 Roman road have put together an impressive selection of prints from photographers they work with and are showing them in the upstairs gallery at the same address. I have one print from my recent Cornwall shoot, in the show. The contact scan above doesn't do the print justice so you will have to get along to the show to see for yourself. Here

Margaret Howell SS 2012

What better for the start of London Fashion Week than the new season from Margaret Howell. On sale now HERE.