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Running in Heels cover story with Ania Sowinski

Shot this month exclusively for Running in Heels. Working with the amazing celebrity stylist Miss Molly and the sublime make up skills of Lilly Keys we photographed the wonderful and stunning actress Ania Sowinski. Find out more about us all at Running in Heels


Melanie C 2010 Photoshoot

Here are a few pictures of Melanie from our latest shoot, we had a wonderful day at Spring Studios and I'm sure you will agree Melanie is looking amazing. You can see a few others here and Melanie is working on new material so you will see them around other places.


Andy Bates in his kitchen cooking up eggs and pies

My friend Andy (More info here Eatmypies) makes some very good pies, scotch eggs, tarts etc. You can try them yourself if you go to:

White Cross Street Market

Thursday & Friday 10am - 3pm
Whitecross Street

Broadway Market

Saturday 10am - 4pm
Broadway Market
1100 - 1600
E8 4QJ

You should go they are amazing.

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