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Once again I will set off up a mountain (well to be truthful this time it will be an extinct volcano) with Mike Moloney. Coming with us this time is the fantastically talented Chris Hatherill of super/collider fame with whom I have worked in the past. This time we are going further and higher than before, the Astronomical Observatory of El Roque de Los Muchachos. For 5 days (2-7th of November) we shall be shooting, rotating, logging and generally recording various aspects of life on top and above the observatory. Follow our progress at
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KFH portrait of Kristin Baybars

This is a portrait I did for KFH by way of August Media of the wonderful Kristin Baybars in her equally wonderful shop in Gospel Oak, North London. It was this shoot that has inspired me to work on my current project that will be revealed early next year.


Established in 1996, Body & Soul is a pioneering charity providing support to children, young people living with or closely affected by HIV.

Our mission is to enable members to build positive futures, guiding and supporting each member through the process of learning and personal development. Year after year Body & Soul has enabled an invisible, disadvantaged community to achieve beyond all likely outcomes.

Our vision is a world free from stigma and prejudice where HIV is no longer discriminated against and where everyone has access to treatment, love and care. This is the soul of the organisation and our reason for being.

Melanie is performing at Voice Storm a concert in memory of the late Dame Anita Roddick. The imaged used came from a photoshoot I did with her earlier this year. more info for the night Here


The European Environment Agency.

Working again with the super talented director Matthew Hoad Robson I was responsible for the photography of many of the scenes from this video to raise awareness for the effects of green house gas emissions from transport. The first 2 traffic shots, trains and the freight shots are mine. Find out more here