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Bye Bye Blogger

After trying to redesign this blog so it is more pleasant to look at and navigate I have decided to move to Tumblr. Please follow my blog at Tumblr here

This is my friend Mark Lascelles Thornton who is nearing the end of what can only be described as drawing sadism. For the last two years Mark has been working on "The Happiness Machine" an 8 panel pen and ink on paper drawing 8ft x 5ft depicting a city scape combining the tallest buildings from around the world. See Marks site here for the details of the amazing drawing.



Rooftops and roads, more views from 13 Birch Avenue.


Richard Hawley, Sharons Cafe, Castle Market, Sheffield

This first image is from a shoot I did with Richard Hawley; some time ago for the Guardian Guide. I didn't pay much attention to it at the time because I was looking for a different thing for the final images but looking back today I really like this image. The focus is on his hand and there is a lot going on but its this which make the image interesting to me now. The image below is from later on in the day after a tour of the Henderson's Relish factory.  Other shots from this shoot here.



Chic Freak

A while back my friend Fiona Hermansson asked me to come and photograph some of the customers for a shop she was working with. The shop on the Portobello Road is an Aladdin's cave with clothes from some of the most exciting figures in the fashion world. Their customers and friends are encouraged to drop in and hang out and the brief for the shoot? Studio 54 meets back stage at the Theater. My take on it was to create 5 characters to represent the shop  Check out their website for more info about the shop and their ideology.
 Malgosia Stepnik - Artist
 Alana Malvidor - new mother
 Leila Hermansson - charity worker

Rachael Raine - student
Hair: Pshemko Sierek
Make up: Tam East-Rigby
Styling: Fiona Hermansson



RCA Secrets 2013

At the end of 2012 I was commissioned by BCMH to shoot some portraits for RCA Secrets 2013. They didn't like the pictures so using a paint roller they covered up the faces... 

RCA Secrets celebrates it's 20th year and the show starts on the 14th March find out more here. Again it was a pleasure working with BCMH and they continue to produce some of the best work out there. LOOK!


Mark Marriott for RBS

A portrait I shot for Seven publishing on behalf of The Guardian for an advertorial for RBS. Mark Marriott is the chairman and director of rugby for Medway RFC and such a nice fellow after putting up with me trying to get his attention away from his winning side he even bought me and my friend Ryan a pint (each) after the game... I mean shoot. Read the article Here


Chris Thompson

This is the talented Mr Thompson going about his business while I poke a camera around. I had posted it before as I made the video some time ago but I had issues with the music until now. Thanks to Michael Wildsmith.


Feral, Jodan McKenzie

At the end of last year I was approach by my friends at Brickwall films to shoot some film for an artist called Jordan McKenzie. We spent a couple of nights working on the footage which goes into making the film below.  Read more about the project here.
Feral from Jordan McKenzie on Vimeo.


Press shoot for Alen Seed

At the end of last year I had the pleasure of photographing Alen Seed for a future single cover and press. The idea of the shoot (over 2 days) was to build up a set of photographs, the first day was on the streets of Central London and a second day with a studio set up. I will put up more images as they are released.