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Spectrum portraits

I mentioned previously I had been working on portraits for the charity Spectrum. The site has now been published and more exciting additions will be online soon. Above is just a selection of the 36 portraits I did for them.  Please click through to the charities site to find out about the important work they do. This project has involved many great creative people including Art & Graft, (who worked with Everywhere and Collective Approach).

I have also made a little film about some of Spectrum's work with Tom Collinson, Jamie Turner on camera, Jason Read on the Edit and John Brown on credits. Coming soon.


The Bookhouse Boys, Fever Lullaby

I made this video with The Bookhouse Boys for their amazing new single, out in November. If you don't have the album already go and get it here. The video was edited by the brilliant Matt Hoad Robson.


New website...

I have a new website! more out of necessity than anything else as I managed to delete the whole thing by mistake last week! The idea is it will get longer the more work I put on.