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Fiona O'Shaughnessy

I spent a few hours with Fiona and her boyfriend Anthony taking pictures drinking tea and eating the most amazing Spanish ham. Fiona O'Shaughnessy is an actress most recently in Peter Greenaway's film Nightwatching.


Pictures of Melanie C from "This Time" promo shoot

Shot in Plumstead on the set for "This Time" promo. Directed by Adrian Moat Dop Mark Patten.


Daniel Green.

Daniel is an actor and by his own admission "one of the best singers in the world". These are two shots with a nod to a certain breed of late 60's photographer.


Emily Hope

Photographed in her flat, early August.

Cathead BW portrait shoot.

We had planned to shoot in Hedges and Butler club, Burlington Mews but unfortunately an angry man in a white linen suit had other ideas. I think maybe someone had bruised his ego. The final shots were taken in and around Soho London.