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Island/Universe show private view 28th July 18:00-22:00

44 Emerald Street, London WC1N 3LH


Super talented Glint made this for Fox Searchlight.

I shot the photography for this brilliantly innovative piece by Rupert Cresswell from Glint.

The project is explained in full here on the Fox Searchlight Website

Director/Producer: Rupert Cresswell

Animators: Rupert Cresswell, Richard Gladman

Photography: John Hooper

Editor: John Moffat

Music: ‘When I First Saw Jupiter’

by Fall On Your Sword.

Another Earth Soundtrack available
on Milan Records

Another Earth in select theaters July 22nd 2011.


_SO FAR THE FUTURE, Super/colider and 24 Hrs Here show

The lovely people at _SO FAR THE FUTURE are putting on a show from the La Palma work I did with Mike Moloney and Super/Collider. More info coming soon until then enjoy two images from the exhibition.