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A Molly and John Joint

At the end of Last year the fabulous Miss Molly, Lyndsay Lilly Keys, Matt Laidlaw and I collaborated on a shoot for MVP magazine.

Smoke in the forest

Working on another project with the industrious Michael Moloney of Art and Graft. Here is an image from our first test day. Follow us at 24hrs Here

Scotland sketchbook

Last week I was in Scotland working on a promo for a band. While I was there I took some pictures of the phenomenal landscape. Here are the contacts in one of my sketch books.

Image for the Filter Theater/David Farr/RSC production Silence

My favourite theater company; Filter Theatre have used one of my pictures to promote there new production Silence.
Here is what they say about the production:
Silence follows a disenchanted British journalist travelling to Moscow to meet a controversial theatre-maker. There she uncovers more than she bargained for and profound truths about her own past.
Find out more here: RSC